Day of German Unity 2020

Brandenburger Tor #GER30

Illuminated Brandenburg Gate, © picturealliance/imageBroker

11.09.2020 - Article

You will find here Information and audiovisual material on the celebration of the Day of German Unity 2020 at the German Embassy Yaounde.

The celebration of the Day of German Unity will not be possible this year because of the pandemic. We are nevertheless pleased to invite you to participate in the celebration differently.

Message from Ambassador Corinna Fricke to mark the 3 October 2020

We should not forget that the world in 1990 still was divided by an iron curtain.

The USA, the Soviet Union, NATO and the Warsaw Pact were two irreconcilable poles.

Despite all that the German chancellor, the US president and the leader of the Soviet Union succeeded in trusting each other. And this leap of faith existed not only between the heads of states and governments.   Many prejudices had to be overcome during the years of unification.

Of course that did not all happen without frictions. There were many problems to overcome. East German regions for instance experienced a sharp increase in unemployment after the wall fell.  The German population needed to show much resilience and tolerance during the time of reunification.

The peaceful German unification would not have been possible without the support of the European Union. Europe came even closer together in those years, opening its internal borders at the beginning of the 1990s.

I still remember very well how I crossed the border from Germany to Belgium without any border check in early 1993. I will never forget that feeling of freedom.

You can read the full speech here or watch it directly on Video.

Message from the Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs to mark the Day of German Unity

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