General Information on financing  Small Scale Project Fund by the German Embassy

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Small scale project funding requests should be addressed to the embassy:

  • by mail to the
    Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Cameroon
    B.P. 1160, Yaounde
  • by email using our contact form.

Under the Small Scale Project Fund, the missions can provide financial assistance to local non-governmental organizations, community groups and self-help groups for the implementation of community development projects.

Small scale projects must be carried out on the short term (completed in the same year of funding) and have a direct and immediate impact on the living conditions of the beneficiaries. Applicants can be eg. Associations, non-governmental organizations, cooperatives, initiatives or local authorities, headquartered in Cameroon and Central African Republic.

Some examples of areas of action are as follows (non-exhaustive list):

   - Rehabilitation and extension of local infrastructure (school buildings, health centers and

   -municipal buildings and other social institutions ...), water supply, sanitary installation, energy supply

   - Equipment for health centers

   - Improvement of income and food (especially in agriculture)

    - Material for training, education and awareness

    - Protection of the environment and nature at the local level

    - Fight against Covid-19, strengthening of health measures

What is important is that the object of the request is palpable (such as infrastructure, equipment, materials (non-rolling) ...) and has a sustainable impact.

In addition, the project must not yet have started by the time the funding may be granted and must absolutely be completed within the year of the funding.

The maximum amount of funding is 15,000 Euro per project.  Since the Small Scale Project Fund is meant to support activities by providing mainly assistance for material and equipment, a clear contribution by the community/beneficiaries towards the successful implementation of the project is required and should be stated in the project proposal

The deadline for submitting the request must be the 31.03.2022 for the fiscal year 2022.


-Expenses like labour, transportation/fuel, salaries and consultancy fees, overheads,

contingencies, can not be covered by the Small Scale Project Fund

-Projects like requesting for vehicles, computers, electrification, charity activities, workshops,

conferences, projects benefiting individuals or private group interests, can not be considered

-The grant provided under the Small Scale Project Fund is a one-time assistance.

-Projects which can not be completed with the grant, or projects which should require ongoing financial assistance do not meet the funding guidelines.

Approved projects have to be completed within the respective financial year, ending 31st

December. Funds can not be transferred or can not be carried forward to the following

financial year.

The proposal (Download form) should include:

  1. Information on the applicants and beneficiaries,
  2. Certified photocopy of the Certificate of Registration issued by the competent Ministry,
  3. list of the officials and their designation,
  4. Description of the small scale project (approx. 500 words)
  5. Indication of the particular quality of your project, sustainability and gender aspects if any.
  6. Estimated budget of the project  and a financing plan, covering all costs involved
    1. Maximum amount of subvention 10.000 EURO = 6.559.570 FCFA)
    2. Beneficiary own contribution
    3. Other contributions
  7. the estimated duration required for its implementation (maximum 6 months)
  8. Goals to be achieved through the realization of the small scale project
  9. What is (are) the target group (s)
  10. Have you approached other organizations? If yes, which ones?
  11. Indicate precisely (with e.g. a plan ) the site of the future small-scale project
  12. Also include the present state of the group’s activities and at least three independent quotations for the materials /equipment applied
  13. Kindly include a detailed description /sketch of the project location. Pictures if possible.
  14. In case of an income generating project, include a cost/profit calculation.

You are kindly requested to submit your application in accordance with the provided information and the above mentioned restrictions.

All requests which have been submitted to us are carefully evaluated in light of the aim and the regulations of the Small Scale Project Fund. In general, requests for assistance will be considered according to their validity and priority of the project in relation to other projects proposed to us. You will receive a written notification in case your project has been selected.

For further information please contact the Embassy.

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