The University of Buea is currently conducting research on the treatment of dangerous diseases in partnership with German and African universities

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Germany as a research location, © Colourbox.de

05.09.2019 - Article

Since 2017 the German ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) funds five African-German networks within the framework of the project “Research Networks for Health Innovations in Sub-Saharan Africa” with a grant of 50 million euros until 2021. The Research Networks are part of the Africa strategy of the BMBF. 4-7 African universities partner with 2 German Research institutions within the networks.

All these networks are coordinated by African researchers on site. The fight against diseases that particularly affect people in Africa takes center stage in the research. They include tuberculosis, HIV/AIDA and the so-called “neglected tropical diseases”, but also diseases on the rise such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases which constitute an additional challenge for African health systems.  The research networks will collaborate closely with universities, supplying institutions as well as local and regional political actors in order to improve the education and healthcare systems of the African partners in a sustainable manner. The long term goal of the initiative is that the research results should be integrated in the national and regional healthcare programs of the participating countries in order to guarantee the sustainability and benefit of research for the general public.

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