Small scale development projects


In the framework of German development Cooperation, the Embassy has the opportunity to support so-called microprojects. The selection process for 2023 has been completed. We will inform you about the application deadline for the next funding round here on our website in due course.

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This type of fast and directly visible aid is treasured and well known by the local population.

The projects should help meeting the basic needs of the most vulnerable population, and therefore have a direct and immediate impact on beneficiaries’ lives. A particular attention lies on to the gender-effect of each supported project in order to improve living conditions of women and girls. Due to the high number of applications, the sponsorship is limited in Cameroon and the Central African Republic to a maximum amount of 10.000 Euro (6.559.570 FCFA).

Examples of areas of action (non-exhaustive list):

  • Rehabilitation and extension of local infrastructure (school buildings, health centres, municipal buildings and other social institutions ...)
  • water supply, sanitary installation, energy supply
  • Equipment for health centres
  • Improvement of income and food (especially in agriculture)
  • Material for training, education and awareness
  • Protection of the environment and nature at the local level
  • Fight against pandemics, strengthening of health measures


Financing is not possible for

  • individuals or already privileged groups.
  • expenses like labour, transportation/fuel, salaries and consultancy fees, overheads, contingencies.
  • recurring payments for consumer goods like animal feed, medicine, draperies, etc. cannot be financed.
  • vehicles, computers, electrification, charity activities, workshops, conferences, benefiting individuals or private group interests.

Basic requirements

  • Projects must not yet have started by the time the funding may be granted.
  • The maximum amount of funding is 10,000 Euro per project. In addition, a clear contribution (e.g. labour) by the community/beneficiaries towards the successful implementation of the project is required.
  • The Embassy accepts applications from for example associations, NGOs, cooperatives, local initiatives or authorities with their registered office or residence in Cameroon or the Central African Republic.
  • The project has to be palpable (such as infrastructure, equipment, materials (non-rolling)...) and has a sustainable impact.
  • The micro project must be completed within the year of the funding (respective financial year, ending 31st December). Funds cannot be transferred or cannot be carried forward to the following financial year.
  • Especially eligible are projects, which cannot be financed by local organisations like NGO, missions, etc.
  • The grant provided under the Small Scale Project Fund is a one-time assistance. Projects, which cannot be completed with the grant, or projects, which should require ongoing financial assistance, do not meet the funding guidelines.
  • The deadline for submitting the request is the 31st March of every year.

To apply please fill in the application form (Download form at the end of the page) carefully and attach the following information/documents:

  1. Certified photocopy of the Certificate of Registration issued by the competent Ministry, according to the decree no 92/455/PM of 23th November 1992, issued no earlier than 2 years before the application
  2. Information on a person of reference co-responsible for the realisation and settlement of the project (independent from the applicant)
  3. Indicate precisely (with e.g. a plan ) the site of the future small-scale project
  4. Also include a financial plan and at least three independent quotations for the materials /equipment applied
  5. For construction-projects, please include a construction plan. Pictures if possible
  6. In case of an income-generating project, include a cost/profit calculation

You are kindly requested to submit your application in accordance with the provided information.

All submitted requests are carefully evaluated in light of the aim and the regulations of the Small Scale Project Fund. You will receive a notification by e-mail in case your project has been selected.

Further information concerning your application can be found in the following documents:

General Information on financing  Small Scale Project Fund by the German Embassy

Application form (small scale development Projects)

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