22.11.2021 - Article

All documents must be submitted in two files ORIGINAL and PHOTOCOPY in the order below:

Fees (55.000 FCFA from 12 years, 30.000 FCFA between 6 – 11 years, in cash)

Filled-out and signed Schengen application form

Two recent passport photos (colored, light background, standard size 35 x 45 mm)

Passport (issued in the last 10 years and valid 3 more month after end of visit), if previous trips old passport(s)

CNI (or receipt) / Cameroonian residence permit (for non-cameroonian cititzens)

Birth certificate (and judgement if existent, certificate of non opposition) - It is mandatory to present the original birth certificate. Duplicates or copies will not be accepted!

Proof of family ties in Cameroon (birth certificate of children, marriage certificate)

Proof of property / real estate

Proof of financial ties (work contract, leave letter, three last pay slips or three last titre de patente, bank statement of last six months) and all other proof of economic ties in Cameroon

Original Formal obligation (“Verpflichtungserklärung”) corresponding §§ 66-68 a AufenthG (not older than 6 months) or proof of own financial meanings (no cash)

Proof of accommodation

Travel health insurance (min. coverage 30.000 Euros and valid for the duration of stay and the complete Schengen-Area)

Flight reservation


Visa for a family visit:

Proof of relation (birth certificate, resident permit and passport) of the contact person in Germany
Other proof of reason for travel (wedding invitation, baptism confirmation, pregnancy certificate etc.)


Business visa:

Invitation, hotel reservation, proof of enough financial meanings needed for the planned business activities, proof of former business trips (hotel bill, receipt,...)
Last three titres de patente (with registre de commerce) and other documents that show your recent business activities (Bill of Lading, contracts, bills etc.)

Medical treatment:

Proof of advance payment of the treatment / Insurance coverage
Certificate from a medical doctor confirming the need of specific medical treatment in Germany
Confirmation of appointment and the estimated treatment duration and other correspondence concerning the medical treatment

For minors (under 18 years) :

If travelling unaccompanied by parent(s), travel authorization signed by both parents/legal guardian & applicant and copy of the parent(s)’ passports or CNI
Current school certificate or university inscription attesting the effective presence with school reports and grades of the last two semesters
Application form must be signed by both parents

The Embassy reserves the right to request other documents than those indicated above and to verify their authenticity.

Please ensure that your application documents are complete. Incomplete applications may result in a rejection of your visa application


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