Schengen Visa Information Sheet

08.05.2024 - Article

The following documents must be submitted in the original plus a copy of all originals. The documents must be sorted into two folders:

  1. Folder: Original documents
  2. Folder: Copies of all original documents (front and back)

Original documents submitted will be returned once the application has been completed. Please note the information on the General Data Protection Regulation.

General Documents

  1. Fees: Applicants aged from 6 to 11 years 30.000 XAF, from 12 years onwards 55.000 XAF.
  2. Visa application form: Printed Schengen Application form: VIDEX - Short-term stay, signed by the applicant.
  3. Passport Photo: One recent passport photo, size 35 x 45 mm, biometric (face photographed frontally), not retouched, eyes not covered, light uncoloured background (see leaflet “Foto Mustertafel”).
  4. Passport: Valid, signed, valid for at least three months after the end of the stay, at least two blank pages, copy of data pages and all pages with visas and entries and / or stamps, copies of previous German residence permits and / or visas.
  5. Cameroonian Carte d’Identité (NIC): NIC or proof of NIC, foreigners residing in Cameroon: Cameroonian residence permit.
  6. Birth Certificate: Original birth certificate (no duplicates: applications without the original certificate cannot be processed) and original court judgement (Grosse and Certificat of non-Appeal) if birth certificate is based on judgement.
  7. Proof of familial Rootedness: E.g. birth certificates of children, marriage certificate, etc.
  8. Proof of financially Rootedness: E.g. employment contract / integration decision into the civil service, salary- / pension statements for the last three months, checking and savings account statements for the last six months, leave certificate, proof of real estate ownership, tax certificates, etc.
  9. Formal Obligation, §§ 66 to 68a AufenthG or Proof of sufficient Funds: Original Formal Obligation in accordance with §§ 66 to 68a AufenthG, issued by the competent German authority, creditworthiness proven, or creditworthiness substantiated, not older than six months or proof of own sufficient funds to finance the stay (monetary or financial assets in bank accounts, no cash).
  10. Proof of Accommodation: Accommodation in Germany (e.g. hotel reservation, invitation by host, etc.).
  11. Additional documents for visa applications for minors: Necessary documents for applicants under 18 years of age:
    1. Signatures of both parents/guardians on the Schengen application form.
    2. Proof of roots in Cameroon: e.g. current school certificate / certificate of study incl. last report, etc.
    3. Minors travelling without parents/legal guardians: travel authorisation signed by both parents/legal guardians, copy of passports or CNI of parents/legal guardians.
  12. Health Insurance: Valid for Schengen-Area, amount of coverage of at least 30.000 EUR, valid for the entire stay.
  13. Flight Reservation

Family Visit

Additional documents:

  1. Proof of familial Relation: Passport, identity card / German residence permit, birth certificate of the inviting party in Germany.
  2. Proof of Purpose of Travel: E.g. letter of invitation, Bescheinigung über die Anmeldung der Eheschließung in accordance with § 13 Abs. 4 PStG, certificate of baptism, proof of pregnancy, etc.

Business Trips

Additional documents:

  1. Official trips for authorities, organisations, churches, etc.: Employer's certificate, letter of assignment (ordre de mission), letter of invitation, declaration of assumption of costs.
  2. Business trips for companies, self-employed persons, etc.: Employer's certificate, letter of assignment (ordre de mission), letter of invitation, declaration of assumption of costs, business registration incl. entry in the commercial register, company account statements for the last three months, proof of previous business trips.

Medical Treatment

Additional documents:

  1. Proof of Purpose of Travel: E.g. confirmation of medical treatment issued by the attending doctor in Germany incl. appointment date and duration of treatment, proof of health insurance cover / cost coverage in Germany, etc.

Information for persons entitled to freedom of movement

Does European freedom of movement law apply to your application? Please provide us with the reference number after registering for the appointment and send us proof of your entitlement to free movement.

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