25.03.2021 - Article

Your visa application has been rejected and you disagree with this decision? – In that case, you or an authorised person can remonstrate against the refusal and apply for a new examination of your visa application. This request must be in written form and handed in as an original directly at the visa service of the German Embassy.

A new examination of the visa application may be requested within one month after reception of the refusal letter.

The remonstration letter needs to contain the following Information:

  • Surname, name, date and place of birth, passport number
  • Date of the refusal
  • Number of the application (you find it on the receipt of your application or on the refusal notice)
  • Address (street, house, apartment, town/village/quarter, district, region) and, if available, fax number and e-mail address
  • Your own personal signature (in case of appeal made by a third person, his signature)

The remonstration submitted by a third person, such as the inviting person or an advocate, can only be processed after the submission of a written formal authorization and with your own signature.

Please submit in your application in detailed manner the purpose of your journey to Germany as well as the reasons why this stay is important for you. Please explain in detail why from your point of view the refusal is unfounded. If necessary, you can add further documents subsequently which you have not yet submitted.

The official language of the German Embassy is German. However, applications personally written by you in French or English are accepted in the case of remonstrations for a Schengen visa.

If your remonstration is directed against the refusal of a national visa, remonstration in German only will be accepted, as the competent authority in Germany will be involved in such proceedings.

Remonstrations that do not meet the minimum requirements listed above will not be processed.

After the examination, which can take up to several weeks or months, the Embassy will contact you or you will receive a written reply from the visa office.

Questions about the current status cannot be answered.

Consultation with a travel agency or a commercial company is NOT necessary for the drafting of the remonstration letter.

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