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04.06.2019 - Article

The embassy makes efforts to support visitors with disabilities and in response to their queries, to facilitate personal meetings and contact with embassy staff members within the available premises.

Parking space for people with a disability

The Embassy does not have special parking space for visitors. The parking space around the embassy is quite limited.

Access to the embassy’s premises

The main entrance to the embassy building is accessible through two one-level steps with low platforms. Access from there to the visitors‘ room is without any hindrance.

There is no built-in or technical support system for blind and visually impaired people. Staff members can provide support to them if necessary.

Information on disability access within the embassy building

The waiting area and the entrance into the offices are not thoroughly accessible to people with a disability. There is no toilet with suitable equipment for people with a disability.

There is no special emergency exit plan for people with a disability.

Contact Person is M. Uwe Baumgärtner

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