Appointment booking

Appointment Booking

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The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Yaoundé informs that the Consulate has limited it's services.

As from now, no new appointments will be given. Already confirmed appointments will be canceled.  

In urgent cases, kindly contact us through our contact form.

You are free to register for a new appointment. 

On this page you can book an appointment for the visa application.

The registering is free of charge and constantly available.

The electronic appointment system allows us to maximise constantly the allocation of appointments and thus to exploit all our existing capacities. The increasing demand for visa applications leads nevertheless to difficulties in assigning appointments. In spite of the commitment of the visa application section, this may lead to long waiting periods for the appointment booking of a visa application.

Please note that we do not offer group appointments! Every applicant needs his or her own appointment.

You can book your appointment here.

For your own safety, do not use service providers and their e-mail addresses for your appointment booking. If your assigned appointment is lost, you will have to register again.


You can register at the above indicated internet address for an appointment for the visa application. Our system enters you on a waiting list. As soon as the next date is available, it will be automatically booked for you and you will receive a booking confirmation per e-mail.

You can see the estimated waiting period for your appointment booking in the booking confirmation you will receive per e-mail after the registration.
Due to the high demand in all categories, the waiting period is currently several months.

No, due to capacity reasons, a change of the reservation is not possible. If you cannot keep an already fixed appointment, you are kindly asked to cancel this appointment and Register  again.
You can register again as soon as you have received the confirmed cancellation.

You can cancel the appointment by using the link given in the booking confirmation.

No. Appointments can only be booked online.

In case of a medical or humaniterian emergency, please contact the visa section at konsularinfo@jaun.diplo.de.
Please note that only justified emergencies can be answered. All other requests on special occasions cannot be answered.

Please register only once. The appointment system is based on the principle of a waiting list so that there is no advantage to book more than one appointment. In case of multiple booking all registration will be deleted from the appointment booking system so that the waiting period for other applicants will not be unduly delayed.

Appointments with evidently false inputs (passport number, for example) or which are booked more than once will be deleted from the system. In that case, you need to register  again.

If you receive this message, you certainly booked already an appointment with this passport number or you did not come to an already booked appointment.
The passport number is blocked during three months. You can book a new appointment only afterwards. Please make sure that you cancel a booked appointment if you are not able to keep it.

No, a subsequent change of your data by our staff is not possible. We ask you therefore to enter the required data accurately.  
Without entering the correct email address, you cannot receive a booking confirmation.
Your name and your passport number will be controlled at the entrance of the visa section.

- NO -
Please note that you must book an appointment for the intended purpose of your envisaged stay. A visa application booked in the wrong category cannot be accepted.
Please cancel any appointment booked in an incorrect category and register again.

Please bring the old and the new passport to the agreed appointment. If you cannot present your old passport, you must cancel the already existing appointment and apply for a new appointment with the correct passport number.

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