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A Schengen Visa entitles the holder to a maximum stay of 90 days within a period of 180 days in the Schengen Area.

A Schengen Visa does not entitle the holder to gainful employment.

Please read the following information carefully and completely before registering for an appointment!

Prepare your Application

Please make sure to follow the following steps closely while preparing your application:

  1. Use our Visa Navigator to make sure you need a Schengen Visa.
  2. Read our Schengen Visa Information Sheet carefully and completely.
  3. Register on our appointment waiting list. Click here to book an appointment. Please make sure to follow the instructions below on how to book an appointment!
  4. Fill in the visa application form: VIDEX Schengen - fill in the Application Form online. Questions about VIDEX? Our VIDEX Information Sheet will help you!
  5. Compile the application documents. Missing documents or proofs may lead to rejection of the application and subsequent submissions are not possible! Our Schengen Visa Information Sheet contains all steps for the preparation of the application documents and the documents to be submitted upon application.
  6. Please note the information on the Basic Data Protection Regulation.

Important Notice:
Please do not submit any unsolicited documents to the visa section - especially not before applying. These documents will not be kept and cannot be assigned to any application. All documents have to be submitted at the given appointment.

Important Information


In general, the embassy of the country where you want to go is competent for your visa application. If you plan to go to different Schengen countries, the embassy of the country which is your main destination is competent.
If you want to go to Germany and your usual domicile is in Cameroon, the German Embassy in Yaounde is in Charge.

The Schengen representation for Estonia as well as Hungary is currently in action. Please make sure to bring all the documents listed on the checklist.

If a you are a Cameroonian citizen with usual domicile abroad, the German embassy in Country you are living in is competent for you.
If your usual domicile is in Chad, in the Central African Republic or in Gabon, you must apply for a Schengen visa at the French embassy in the respective country. In Equatorial Africa, the Spanish embassy is competent for you.
If you are living in Sao Tomé or Principe, please contact the Portuguese embassy.
This regulation only applies to citizens of the above-named countries.
Other citizens must present themselves at the German Embassy in Yaounde.

The fees for the application for a Schengen visa are:

55.000 FCFA for applicants from the age of 12.

30.000 FCFA for children between the age of 6 to 11.
Applications of children under the age of 6 years as well as relatives of the nuclear family (spouses, minor children) of German and European citizens (EU/EEA) are processed free of charge.
Further exceptions possibly free of charge will be examined at the time the application is submitted.
If your application is rejected, paid fees will not be reimbursed.

The conclusion of an adequate travel medical insurance is a general condition for the issue of a Schengen visa.
The health insurance must be valid for the entire period of your stay with a minimum coverage of 30.000 Euro including a repatriation in case of sickness. Insurances concluded in Germany are accepted as well.
The travel health insurance must be valid for the whole Schengen area. The embassy reserves the right to reject the submitted travel medical insurance if it does not meet the standard for a journey into the Schengen area.
The submission of a declaration of commitment in accordance with §§ 66-68 of the law of Residence (AufenthG) does not dispense of the submission of a travel medical insurance.
In the case of a journey for health reasons, the assumption of costs for medical care must be proved separately.

In general, an application for a Schengen Visa can be submitted three months before your departure date. In reasonable exceptional cases, due to the difficult appointment situation, for example, applications can already be submitted before the beginning of this period.
The application for a visa should not be submitted later than 5 days before the planned departure.
The visa processing takes normally 3 days, but may be delayed for verification purposes or by reason of the resubmission of documents.
The embassy reserves the right to verify the authenticity of the submitted documents.
Please note that there is no legal right to a visa within the indicated processing time and that the embassy is not responsible for potential delays. It is in your own interest to submit the application in good time.

Please note that no information on the visa application status or result can be given. We will inform you by your contact data if the processing time exceptionally delays or a resubmission is required. In urgent cases, demands can only be answered on presentation of the receipt with barcode. Information can only be given to the applicant himself or to third parties by submitting a written power attorney.
Since the identity of callers cannot be verified and for date protection reasons we don’t give any information by telephone.

The visa can only be given for the duration of your planned purpose of the journey but for a maximum of 90 days. If you have a visa for several years, you can only stay for 90 days within a period of 180 days in the Schengen area. The embassy can reduce the requested validity period without prior consulting.

A Schengen visa can principally not be extended nor can you apply for a residence permit in Germany if you travel to Germany with a Schengen visa. If you plan a long term stay in Germany, you must apply for the visa at the German Embassy in Yaounde.

The decision to issue a visa with a validity period of several years is the sole responsibility of the embassy. In general, those visas are issued if an applicant already went to the Schengen area and if the data given in the application about journeys already made and about future planned journeys are credible and plausible and if there is no other reason, from the perspective of the embassy, against the issuing of a visa with a validity period of several years.
Please indicate in your application (box: Validity period), if you wish the issuing of a visa with a validity period of several years. But note that there is no legal right to receive a such visa.

Yes, the application must be made personally in any case. For this, an appointment must be booked in our appointment system.

Incomplete applications will principally be rejected.
In this case and in order to avoid fees, our staff will recommend to withdraw the application. But you are free to insist on the acceptance of your application or to submit a new one as soon as your documents are completed.
The submission of missing documents is only accepted in rare exceptional cases, the decision lies in the discretion of the consular officer. If additional documents are requested, the visa section will inform you by telephone or by email. Unrequested documents will not be assigned.

The submission of falsified documents and/or false statements will lead to the immediate rejection of your application!

All documents in other languages than English, French or German must be submitted in certified German translation + 1 copy of the translation.

You can remonstrate against the decision of the embassy or at the competent German administrative court.
All necessary information about the remonstration procedure can be found here.
Since the identity of callers cannot be verified and in regard of data protection, no information will be given on the phone.
Information will only be given to the applicant himself or to third parties under the presentation of a proper authorisation from the applicant.
Please note that, for reasons of the high demand, the processing time for remonstrations at present may take several months. But you are free to submit a new application at any time. If you submit a new application and you have already applied a remonstration, it will be considered as withdrawn and will not be further processed.

Complaints about the Schengen visa application process

Schengen visa applicants may submit complaints about the conduct of the consulate staff or the visa application process via the contact form. In the contact form, please select the option “Complaints about the Schengen visa procedure”. Please note that complaints may only be submitted in German, French or English. We are unable to follow up on complaints in languages other than German, French or English. Please enter one of the following options in the “Subject” field of the contact form:

  • Complaint about the conduct of consulate staff
  • Complaint about the visa application process

We will follow up on your complaint once it has been received.

Important information: No legal remedies against decisions to refuse, annul or revoke a visa – in particular no remonstrations – may be submitted via the complaints contact form.

Questions with regards to the reasons of the refusal will no be answered.

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