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Studierende des Informatik-Masterprogramms für afghanische Dozenten
Studierende des Informatik-Masterprogramms für afghanische Dozenten© TU Berlin

Please make sure to read the information below regarding our appointment system.

Here you will find all information about the visa application if you want to take part in a language course or to study or to write a doctoral thesis in Germany.

For the application of a visa for study purposes, you will need a longer preparation. Therefore, please read the information on this page carefully.

How to prepare your application

Follow the following steps while preparing your application:

  • Please fill the VIDEX Visa Application Form
  • Please note the information to the General Data and Protection Regulation.

  • Please compile all necessary application documents listed in the following Checklist.
    Note that missing documents or proofs may lead to a refusal of your application.
  • Please read our recommendation on the visa application process on this website attentively!
  • Please book an appointment in our appointment system in order to submit your application.
    Please read carefully the information on the appointment booking for students below.

Please keep in mind that appointments are currently only available within several months.

Important Notice: All requested documents must be submitted in original with two additional photocopies. All documents written in languages other than German, English and French must be translated into German.


Please note that the Embassy has two appointment lists for students.
You can only register on the A-list if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • Holding a BAC with an average grade of 12.00 points or better
  • Holding an A-Level which has been completed in at least four subjects with a grade of C or better
  • Holding a Bachelor's degree with the grade „good“, „very good“ or an GPA with an average of at least 3.0 and a BAC with an average grade of at least 12.00 points or an A-Level with four subjects with the grade C
  • Holding a TestDaf certificate with a result of min. 4x4 (if the university course is taught in German)
  • Holding a TestAS certificate with a standard score of 100-130(if the University course is taught in German)
  • Holding a confirmation of a scholarship from a German Institution
  • Holding a confirmation for a PhD research
  • Holding a signed researcher contract (Aufnahmevereinbarung) with a university or research institute recognized by the BAMF

You must provide proof of one of the above conditions latest on the date of your appointment.

If you do not meet any of the above requirements or wish to only enter Germany for a language course, please Register in the B-list.

The fees for a student visa are

50.000 FCFA for applicants from the age of 18.
25.000 FCFA for applicants up to the age of 18.
Applicants who receive a public scholarship for their stay are exempted from fees.

The time of processing is 2 month from presentation of the complete documents. In individual cases, this time of processing can be prolonged due to the processing time of the foreigners‘ registration office in Germany.
Questions concerning the state of the process are not answered before the deadline for applications.

If there is not yet a formal letter of permission of a German University (conditional admission), the visa applicant must provide a prove that he has the required knowledge of German. In general, you need the German language knowledge corresponding to level DHS1, DHS2 or TestDaf.
The required language knowledge can be acquired during a preparatory course of German at the university or in a privat language school.
For the credibility and the plausibility of the motivation for the study stay, the German Embassy recommends to submit proof of at least the B1 level.
For courses of study in English, you must proof your proficiency in the English language (TOEFL-certificate for example).
Information: Only language ALTE certificates are recognized (Goethe-Institut, ÖSD, telc, TestDaf).

In connection with the visa procedure and in so far as you want to study in Germany not less than one year, the financing of the first academic year must be proved. For all possibilities of financing, you need at least an amount of 861 EUR monthly (10.332 per year) until 30. September 2022. This applies to all applicants who apply for a student visa until the 30.09.2022.

Starting from 01. October 2022 you need at least an amount of 934 EUR monthly (11.208 EUR per year).

  • Blocked account

You can provide evidence that you are able to meet your living costs by opening a blocked bank account. You have free choice of provider. To the best of the Embassy's knowledge, no banks offer blocked accounts in Cameroun that meet the requirements of the visa procedure. Information on providers that offer this service worldwide is available on the website of the Federal Foreign Office Website.

Please keep in mind that the necessary amount needs to be available in the blocked bank account. The opening of a blocked bank account without any money inside of it is not a sufficient proof of finances.

  • Declaration of commitment

Third parties in Germany and wishing to ensure the means of subsistence can submit a declaration of commitment at the competent foreigners authority.
This declaration of commitment must contain the note „proved“. Declarations of commitment for which the financing has been „made credible“ can unfortunately not be accepted for the visa application. The declaration needs to be issued in the last six months.
If a relative in Germany made a declaration of commitment, please enclose with your visa application the relevant proof of the family ties (for example a copy of birth certificate).

  • Scholarship

A financing of your study by a scholarship (funded for example by the DAAD, an university or a foundation) can be accepted as a proof of financing. Please note that scholarships as well must at least correspond to the monthly or annual amount mentioned above. If the confirmed scholarship does not cover this amount, you need an additional proof of financing (a blocked account for example) in the amount equal to the missing amount.

German universities distinguish between two approval notices:
• Unconditional admission: All admission requirements for the chosen course of study are already fulfilled.
• Conditional admission: The admission requirements are not yet fulfilled.

Please note that admissions and inscriptions in a language course already expired cannot be accepted. If you are already enrolled in a German university, you must bring proof of the enrollment to your appointment.
If you visit the page of the database ANABIN (recognition and evaluation of foreign educational certificates), you can check whether your foreign educational level may be recognised or comparable.

Due to the high demand, the waiting time for an appointment for a visa application takes presently several months. For well-advanced students and scholarship holders a special appointment category is available. The above mentioned proof (scholarship confirmation, diploma for example) must be presented at the application submission. The missing of a certificate leads to the rejection of the application.

You can remonstrate against the decision of the Embassy or at the competent German administrative court.
All necessary information about the remonstration procedure can be found here.
Since the identity of callers cannot be verified and in regard of data protection, no information will be given per telephone.
Information will only be given to the applicant himself or to third parties under the presentation of a proper written attorney from the applicant.
Please note that, for reasons of the high demand, the processing time for remonstrations at present may take several months. But you are free to submit a new application at any time. If you submit a new application and you have already applied a remonstration, it will be considered as withdrawn and is not processed further.

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