Information for applicants with residency in Equatorial Guinea

05.02.2020 - Article

The consular jurisdiction of the German Embassy in Yaounde covers Equatorial Guinea. Please note the following information when applying for a visa.

Non-EU foreigners need a visa to enter Germany. The type of visa depends on the duration of the planned stay. If you want to travel to Germany for a short time (less than 90 days), e.g. for a family visit or a business trip, you need a Schengen visa. If you are planning a longer stay (more than 90 days), e.g. for study purposes, you will need a long-term visa (national visa).

National Visa / Long Term Visa

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If you are planning to stay in Germany for more than 90 days, for example, to take up studies, for family reunion or for employment, you must apply for a national visa.

You can find information on visas for the various purposes on the following pages:

Schengen visa

If you are planning a stay of up to 90 days within 180 days, you must apply for a Schengen visa.
In Equatorial Guinea, Germany has no foreign representation and is represented in certain cases by the Spanish Embassy.

To apply for a Schengen visa, please contact the Spanish Embassy in Malabo directly if you meet all the following requirements:

  • Your main destination Germany
  • You have residency in Equatorial Guinea
  • You are a citizen of Equatorial Guinea

If you are resident in Equatorial Guinea but do not have citizenship, please contact the German Embassy in Yaounde in order to apply for a visa.

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