Visa for Germany

01.12.2017 - Article

Welcome to Germany!

Ein Beamter der Bundespolizei gibt einem Passagier im Düsseldorf International-Flughafen nach einer Ausweiskontrolle den Reisepass zurück.
Passkontrolle am Düsseldorfer Flughafen © dpa

Non-EU citizens need a visa to travel to Germany. The type of visa depends on the duration of the stay. If you plan to stay in Germany for a short period of time (less than 90 days) e.g. in order to visit family members or for a Business trip, you will need a Schengen Visa. If you plan a longer stay in Germany (over 90 days) e.g. for study purposes or family reunion, your will need a long-stay Visa.

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